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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Agreement

Upon completion of the enrolment process a binding contract exists between Al-Salam Institute and the student. The contract is made on the terms of the following conditions which are governed by English Law. Any disputes arising from the contract are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England or Wales.

After a full or partial payment of the tuition fee, confirmation will be sent to the attendee via automated email. When you receive these details, please ensure that the information is correct and accurate. In the event of any discrepancy you must contact Al-Salam Institute immediately via



Applications will be processed according to the enrolment period in which they are received. Al-Salam Institute reserves the right to defer, delay or otherwise alter application plans which are received outside of the enrolment period for the plan indicated.


Student Portal

Students may view their accounts at any time during the academic year by accessing their student portal. Student accounts are only active for the academic year. Thereafter, access to the students account is no longer guaranteed to be available.


Refunds and Instalment Plans

Fees are payable through Debit/Credit Card, PayPal payments, or bank transfer.

The first instalment or the entire fee must be paid before the course start date.

Any student who commits gross misconduct, or is found to have wilfully violated the ASI Student Code of Conduct up to a maximum of three separate occasions, will be deregistered from the course and will waive any outstanding rights to the following indefinitely:

  • access to all lectures, seminars, workshops and tutorials
  • access to the Virtual Madrasah, including teacher-student forums, student portal, learning resources, and recorded access to all lectures and seminars
  • access to student groups
  • all formal association with Al-Salam Institute

Instalment plans that are agreed to upon enrolment must be adhered to until completion until the full tuition fee has been satisfied. Failure to make payment of outstanding instalment fees will result in deregistration and may be referred to a third-party debt collection agency. 


Full or partial refund or relief of outstanding payments will only issued in cases of:

– Statutory mistake or misrepresentation

 Courses that have been discontinued or rescheduled (Force majeure limitations apply)

– Exceptional circumstances. Al-Salam Institute retains full discretion as to what is considered an exceptional circumstance. All refund requests due to exceptional circumstances must be received within 14 days of tuition fee payment or first instalment.



Course deferrals are not not available, unless approved by Al-Salam Institute. Al-Salam Institute retains full discretion as to whether they issue a course deferral and what circumstances a course deferral may be issued under.



The primary mode of formal communication will be email. Phone calls may be made in some circumstances. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to provide Al-Salam Institute with an updated email address and phone number (including country code), and inform Al-Salam Institute of any changes to contact details.


Crèche Facilities

Children are not permitted onsite. Crèche facilities are unfortunately not available at our onsite location at this time. Parents or carers who are unable to arrange child-care are encouraged to apply for online live attendance for the particular class or classes.



By joining the programme you agree to abide by ASI’s Student Code of Conduct. Person(s) found to be in violation of this may be deregistered


Islamic Scholarship Programme 2020-2021

By completing your enrolment you are agreeing to begin the ASI Islamic Scholarship Programme in the academic year 2020-2021.

While it is unlikely that there will be any major changes to the curricula of the different levels, the scheduling for each of the modules is subject to change and will be confirmed before the programme starts in October 2020.


Online Support

Full information regarding the support available for online students, including important contact information and procedures specific to online enrolment, will be included in the Student Handbook upon registration to the course.


Video Recording

Video or audio recordings of any of our classes, whether onsite or online, are strictly prohibited. Persons found to be conducting video or audio recordings may be deregistered.


Data Protection and Privacy

We observe the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 in respect of all personal data held by the Institute at any time. We will not pass on such data to third parties save where this is necessary in connection with the performance by us of our contract with you, or as otherwise authorised by you.

We may use such data to notify you of our upcoming events, offers and promotions from time to time. For full details of our data protection and privacy policy, please refer to Al-Salam Institute’s Privacy Policy.



Provisions contained in these terms and conditions may be revised from time to time by our amendment of the information contained in this document.

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