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Fiqh of Dawah

Course Overview

There are many opportunities for Muslims in the West to call to the religion; from colleagues in the workplace, associates in the classroom, neighbours, friends, community members, family members, and even online communities. The introduction of instant messaging and global online networks means that there is an almost limitless potential in spreading the message of Islam. How then can we ensure that we are following the way of the Prophets and Messengers?  In this one-day intensive course on the Fiqh of Dawah, students will study the best way to call to Islam in the modern era. The course will highlight some of the common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when giving dawah, and the true objectives of the dawah of the Prophets and Messengers (as).

Course Objectives

To provide students with:

A comprehensive overview of the lawful and prohibited relating to calling to Islam

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Understand the Islamic objectives of “dawah”
Confidently describe the best practices in calling to Islam
Appreciate the responsibilities and limits of the individual dai or daiyah
Appreciate the responsibilities and limits of the Muslim community

Course Content

The purpose of dawah
The objectives of dawah
Islamic mannerisms
Priorities in calling to Islam
Logic vs. Emotion
Responding to controversial issues
The effectiveness of Debate
Agree to Disagree
Dawah for non-Muslims
Dawah for family, friends and associates
The Dawah of the Messengers (as)



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