Special Event: Hadith Reading

Al-Salam Institute is pleased to announce a special Hadith Reading this Sunday 22nd May!

Text: Al-Awail al-Sunbuliyyah

Shaykh Akram Nadwi will be joined by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Nasir al-‘Ajami; student of Shaykh ‘Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghudda and prolific author of over 90 texts. The Shaykh has received ijazah from leading Islamic scholars including Shaykh ‘Abd al-Fattah and Shaykh Fadani (rh).

All participants will receive a signed Ijazah in Hadith from the Shaykh.

An excellent opportunity for all students of knowledge – not to be missed. Share and invite. Refreshments provided.

Date: Sunday 22nd May 2016
Time: 4.30pm-6pm
Venue: Whitechapel, London, E1
Onsite Fee: £3.99
Online Fee: £4.99

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